Your Kid’s Health May be In Danger If You Don’t Watch This Out

//Your Kid’s Health May be In Danger If You Don’t Watch This Out

The fact is, kids are normally more active than adults. Their playfulness and activity can be mysterious. And, in most cases, adults cannot keep up with them. If you have noticed this sense of industriousness in your child, you must have wondered just how much energy they need to keep going.


Well, in order to keep them running and healthy, children need to be fed regularly. However, the main concern should not only be on the food, but largely on their hydration. It should be noted that in spite of using much more energy, children actually lose more water than adult human beings.


Loss of Water in Children

According to biologists, small animals tend to lose relatively more heat and water as compared to bigger animals. Similarly, in human beings, children also lose much more water as compared to adults. To understand this, consider this scenario:


An adult human being has many blood vessels deep in their body tissues. These blood vessels have a vast supply of water flowing through them in form of blood. On the other hand, children have small bodies and almost all their their blood vessels are located near their skin where a lot of water is lost through sweat. This characteristic is attributed to the large surface area to volume ratio phenomenon, which is higher in children than in adults.


A lot of water is also lost during breathing and speaking. While exhaling, a person breathes out waste gases (Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc.), as well as water vapor. Similarly, when speaking, vapor is also lost and this is why one gets thirsty after speaking for long. In both cases, children speak more and breathe faster than adults. This eventually means that loss of water in them is usually higher.


What then?

In this case, it is logical to surmise that children need to hydrate or drink more water than adults. When children fail to drink a lot of water, they often suffer from constipation among other ailments.


Since water serves various functions in the body such as elimination of wastes, transportation of nutrients, and support of the production of digestive juices. It is critical that children get to hydrate more often for their healthy growth needs.


It should be noted that waste gases such carbon dioxide are also eliminated by dissolving in blood (liquid part of blood) before being transported to the lungs for removal. This implies that, when the water supply is suppressed, it may affect brain development negatively.


What Should be done?

It is almost impossible to enforce the hydration habit in children. However, guardians have a part to play in how much children get to drink. If you are a caring parent, you need to set measures that motivate the children to drink more water.


One way of motivating the children is by making them carry water bottles that they will be proud to carry. In such a case, it is important for them to not only have beautiful bottles, but also bottles that can withstand their playfulness. An answer to such a need lies in Hydrate Factory Bottles.


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