You Only Live Once (YOLO)

//You Only Live Once (YOLO)

It’s true. We only live once and no moment in life should be wasted. However, even this being the case, people do not normally run across busy highways, jump from airplanes without parachutes, or anticipate to die the next day.


Yeah, we are human beings, and rational ones for that matter. We all seek to maximize happiness, but we also do that cautiously, so that we may live to see a better tomorrow. So that our days do not come to a premature end.


Some people are glued to pursuing a better tomorrow that they forget to enjoy what today brings. On the other hand, others are absorbed into the pleasures of the moment, that tomorrow seems like a dream. Now the question comes; just where should we draw the lines?


Live Like its Your last Day; Anticipate to Live 100 More Years

The key to happiness is learning to enjoy every moment. Happiness does not come from blowing up all your earnings. It does not come from visiting all posh places. True happiness emanates from within. It is that joy and peace from within which enables one to enjoy the little things.


In today’s world, social media has made people to desire flashy and expensive things. Many people forget to enjoy the small beautiful things like watching the stars or enjoying a cool breeze. It is important to understand that one can derive pleasure in the cheap things.


The truth is, you can not get everything. If you fail to enjoy the small things, chances are you can never know when you have had enough and this means that you might never be satisfied.


Take Things in Their Stride

Every day presents its own set of problems. In the cycle of life, many young people struggle with finances, the desire to be somebody, and to make your mark. In the middle ages, one strives to gain stability, to attain a balance in life, and get some peace of mind. Before long, old age comes knocking and at times retirement, sickness become the order of the day. As human beings, we tend to think that, the present is the worst part and better days are ahead. In all cases, what we usually need is to live one minute at a time. To take things in their strides and to have our priorities set right.


Set Your Priorities Right

In order to lead a happy life, learn to enjoy what each day brings. Live like today is your last, yet plan to live many more days full of good health. One may ask, how do I get to do this precisely?


Do not seek to enjoy what is beyond your budget. Take time to find something good in what you have today. This way, you will forge good memories that you will look back at.

At Hydrate Factory, we emphasize that, your health should be your first priority. The thing is, even if you get to amass billions worth of wealth, you cannot enjoy it if your body is in pain. Some health options such as drinking plenty of water are quite cheap, yet so beneficial. Take time to enjoy carrying your Hydrate Factory water bottle. This bottle is convenient, long lasting, and a beautiful accessory that complements your look.


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