Why Hydrate Factory Bottles are Environmentally Friendly

//Why Hydrate Factory Bottles are Environmentally Friendly

A Hydrate Factory Bottle is an economical product that helps users save on money as discussed in the article: Money Saving Tips. However, did you know that Hydrate Bottles are environmentally friendly in at least 4 different ways?


Let’s see how:

  1. Recyclable Materials

Hydrate Factory products are made of food-grade stainless steel. This material is reusable and recyclable. The high demand of metal ensures that waste steel is picked up and recycled. Steel is rarely wasted and, therefore, little is dumped. If you worry about dumping and where your waste products go, the bottle should not be a cause of alarm.


The hydrate bottle can also be reused in different ways whereby for instance, it can be used to make art pieces, flower bottles, or can even be hammered to small useful steel sheets.


  1. Perfect Substitute for Plastic Bottles

According to Forbes, approximately one million plastic bottles are bought every minute, and 91% of them are not recycled. This means that at the going rate, planet earth is literally being choked with plastics.


In most cases, plastic water bottles are designed for single-use. After purchasing water or other beverages in plastic bottles, most likely the bottle ends up in the nearest trash can or thrown away. However, Hydrate Bottles are meant to be used and reused severally. Due to the quality and durable material, Hydrate bottles can serve for several years without getting damaged. In so doing, the need for plastic bottles is minimized and the user adopts a habit of carrying his or her own water bottle rather than buying a drink every day.


  1. Reduces Pollution

Recycling prevents pollution through the production of energy and exploiting new resources. Producing new steel or plastics uses a lot of energy. It also necessitates the exploitation of resources so that new products can be manufactured.


With recycling, utilizing new resources or using a lot of energy is not necessary. This means that if people used recyclable products more often, the demand of utilization of new raw materials would be reduced. In the case of Hydrate Products, the stainless-steel material can be converted to other products after several years of usage.


  1. Reduces the Demand for Energy

Other than reducing the demand for production of new steel during the recycling process, the Hydrate Bottles save their owners from using a lot of energy.


Most homes use a lot of energy warming foods and keeping drinks cool. However, most of the Hydrate Products do that at a fraction of the energy. Most Hydrate products; flasks, water bottles, and coffee pots, have a stainless-steel double wall which has insulation properties. The products keep hot fluids hot for more than 10 hours and cold foods can remain cold for up to 25 hours. This means that, a user does not necessarily need to keep a refrigerator or keep warming fluids every now and then.


In Summary,

A green world is one of the best things we could ever have. It is our duty to preserve it and conserve the resources in it for future generations. We do not need to halt our usage of the resources, but we should embrace the use of products that help to conserve it. So, if you really care for the environment, Hydrate products can be a good alternative.



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