Why Clients Love our Stainless-Steel Cola Bottles

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When we launched the stainless-steel cola bottles, customers instantly fell in love with it. It had taken time for the bottle to be designed, tested, certified, and launched However, it was all worth it. Customers from all over the world joined and sought to order them. We tried to compile reasons why this bottle is a must-have and why you should get one for yourself:


  1. Stainless-Steel double wall- This feature equips this bottle with the thermos capabilities. If you put a hot drink in your bottle, the heat is retained for about 13 hours. On the other hand, if you put a cold drink in it, the coolness shall be retained for about 25 hours. Moreover, you can still hold the bottle without burning yourself if you put a hot drink.


  1. Customizable– One of the unique features about the Hydrate Factory bottle is that it is customizable. Customers can get to have a photo printed on the bottle since it is good for sublimation printing. Others also add stickers to add a personal touch to it too. In some cases, companies and groups choose to have their bottles branded in our company free of charge.


  1. Durable- Our customers understand that since the cola shaped bottles are made of stainless steel, their purchase will last for several years. Ordinary glass or plastic bottles tend to get damaged within a short time. On the other hand, the Hydrate Cola bottle may last for decades. Children can use it too in spite of their playfulness as it does not break easily.


  1. Unique design- Most of our clients commend the bottle’s unique design. Some highlight that it has a personal touch to it and it is easy to carry around. Since the bottle is light some clients claim that they carry it everywhere as an accessory and a physical fitness partner. The bottle also has a small spout, therefore nosy people cannot see what is in your bottle. To many, this bottle is a perfect hydration partner.


  1. Variety- The Hydrate Cola bottles come in various colors. Thanks to Hydrate Company’s UV printing and sublimation printing technologies, our bottles can come in various colors as requested by our clients. This way, customers do not have to worry that their bottle looks similar to a colleague’s.


Different customers prefer the Hydrate Cola bottle for different reasons. While some like it because of its shape and design, others like it for its material and capabilities. However, in all cases, our bottles have proved to be suitable for every occasion. Be it in the outdoors or the indoors, individuals are capable of carrying the bottle everywhere. In all cases, these bottles serve as hydration tools in any physical fitness plan.


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