Why Choose a Wide-Mouth Water Bottle

//Why Choose a Wide-Mouth Water Bottle

If you stroll around supermarkets or online stores, you will find different types of water bottles in different designs. Yes, a water bottle is as essential as your mobile phone, but how do you choose from the variety? What should you look for?


If you are looking at longevity, superior design, and convenience, then definitely a stainless steel water bottle is the one for you.


” But even then, there are so many designs. How do I get to choose?” you might ask.


We cannot talk about the whole water bottle industry. But, we can talk of our own. In Hydrate Factory, all water bottle designs are tried, tested and certified. Our production standards are top notch, and this is why clients in more than 130 countries trust us. In this case therefore, there is no good or bad water bottle. But each design has its own merits.

Let’s cut to the chase and discuss why the wide mouth hydrate factory water bottles is one of the best items in the market.


  1. Easy to Clean


When it comes to what we eat or drink, it all boils down to what is good for our health and what is not. Similarly, when choosing the best water bottle, the one that promotes good health should be given first priority.


In this case, the cleaner the bottle, the healthier it is. Ease of cleaning is definitely of prime concern. Plus, no one wants to spend more than 30 minutes cleaning one bottle. Time is money and it should be maximized.


In general, wide mouth water bottles are essentially easy to clean. They have less corners and curved surfaces, hence fewer places where bacteria can hide. In addition, they are easy to clean because the large opening allows users to access the inner surfaces with ease.


  1. Durable


When it comes to lifespan, stainless steel material is undoubtedly one of the best materials there is in the market. The thing about lifespan is that, the longer a water bottle serves you, the better it is for the environment, and the more you get your money’s worth.


That aside, stainless steel water bottles do not break easily and in case they get to fall, they are not easily damaged. This perduring feature will come in handy if you want a water bottle that will survive a busy work environment or playful kids.


  1. Retains no Flavors


If you intend to use hydrate factory stainless steel water bottles, you can be rest assured that they are made from Food Grade Stainless Steel. Maybe that’s new to you…


To be honest, not all stainless steel materials are the same. Stainless steel is made out of a composition of chromium and nickel elements. Depending on the final product the quality of steel can vary by varying the ratios of the two elements. And this is where the food grade aspect comes in. Hydrate factory water bottles are made from the 18/8 stainless steel which happens to be the best they are is in the market.


With good cleaning and rinsing, your drinks can retain their original flavors for a long time.


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