When your focus is health, Stainless Steel Bottles should be the obvious choice

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Each one of us has one thing in common that all of us must have drunk water from a disposable plastic water bottle at some point in our lives. Have you ever thought, “What happens to these bottles?” Ever stop and just have a look around and do consider how many people are using plastic bottles, it will make you wonder.

Bottles have different alternatives like Glass, Aluminum, Plastic and Steel. The most commonly used bottles are those made from plastic. This is because plastic is relatively cheaper as compared to the others. However, plastic bottles have various negative effects, both on our environment as well as our health.

Now when your health and environment is at stake an obvious choice should be Stainless Steel Bottle which is far better than the plastic bottles.

It is very important to carry a re-useable bottle with you as there are already much of plastics in our oceans & landfills. Thus, stainless steel bottles are the most appropriate solution to get rid of these plastic bottles.

There are a number of reasons that you should consider steel bottles instead of plastic bottles. The old traditional plastic bottles lack in a number of features which can otherwise be found in stainless steel bottles.

The reasons why Stainless Steel bottles are a better option over any other form of bottles:

  • Stainless steel does not react with drinks present in the bottle.
  • Stainless steel bottles use high-quality food grade steel that lasts forever
  • They have insulated interior walls that keep water fresh, maintain taste and prevent a transfer of any kind of odor in drinking water.
  • Double-wall stainless steel bottles can manage water temperature by keeping them hot or cold as required.
  • It is sustainable and the most recycled material present around globally.
  • They look great and do have a class.

Disadvantages of plastic bottles:

  • Plastic material deteriorates easily within months and also gains odor.
  • It is difficult to wash out bacteria from plastic bottles
  • Even the BPA free plastic can contain chemicals that affect the same way as BPA.

Disadvantages of aluminum bottles:

  • They are well designed to look like steel but are not robust.
  • To prevent from aluminum poisoning they have liners which degrade over time with use.
  • These bottles are prone to easy denting.

Disadvantages of glass bottles:

  • The glass material is comparatively much heavier
  • Requires very careful handling especially in the outdoors.

To conclude: Why steel bottles are the way forward..??

Simply, because they offer much more convenience and are more attractive, they do not have safety issues associated with them.

Though the other alternative bottles may look okay, however, they have some drawbacks that make them a worse off option as compared to the stainless steel bottles. These bottles are made from food grade steel that will not leach toxins while holding water. On top of that, these containers are durable and lightweight, making them perfect for cycling, running even desert safari kind of adventures.

If we switch to use stainless steel bottles, it is estimated that we would end up in saving a lot of plastic bottles every year. Besides this, plastics are produced from petroleum which are putting pressure on non-renewable resources. This calls for a toast as by this small change we can achieve big victory for the environment to wildlife and to our own body.