A Unique Marketing Strategy for All Companies

All companies seek to get potential clients’ attention in nearly the same way. Almost all of them seek to gain access to people’s homes through the television and radio stations. However, there are several disadvantages associated with this marketing strategy. For one, it is only effective if significant viewers and listeners get to listen to the stations. Secondly, the effect of such advertisements is short-lived since people are bound to forget about the products after seeing or hearing about them. However, we have an idea on how companies can invest in getting into peoples’ homes and staying there for long.

The thousands of television and radio stations around the world, just like the millions of companies in existence all compete to get customers’ attention. On the other hand, very few get to command that attention. Through our UV and 3D printing services, our company now offers a unique way of marketing. Companies can have their logos and special messages printed on cups and water bottles and then have them given out to potential clients. By doing this, companies can shove their way into peoples’ homes and daily lives and have their messages retained for long.

insulated water bottle

On several occasions, companies get to have promotions which last for just the promotion period. This strategy, however, benefits a few while others are left feeling at a loss. With the printed cups strategy, it is a bit different, companies can get to benefit many of their customers and gain more exposure as a result.


Companies can have their messages imprinted on water bottles and cups in bulk and at low prices. In this way, many companies can get many cups and water bottles printed and therefore get the attention of large audiences. Hydrate Company cups are the ideal products for this strategy for several reasons:

  1. Our cups and bottles can be used indoors as well as in the outdoors.
  2. Our cups and water bottles come in different designs and shapes.
  3. We have a reputation of offering quality products in several countries.
  4. We offer relatively low prices for bulk purchases.
  5. Our products are durable and can be recycled.
  6. People take drinks more often than they have their meals.
  7. Billions of people use cups on a daily basis.

Our doors are always open to companies with the view that this would help them get a message passed across. We make shipping arrangements for our clients and our customer service department is open to customer inquiries.


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