Three Unique Marketing and Advertisement Strategies

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 Three Unique Marketing and Advertisement Strategies

In almost every industry, there are several brands which seek to get the largest market share. This compels competitors to adopt strategies which would help them outdo their competitors. In order to win this war of profits, it is important for businesses and marketers to adopt strategies which would win them favor from clients and retain existing loyal clients. This, therefore, means that marketers have to adopt advertisement strategies which are liked by potential clients.


Different companies employ different advertisement strategies which revolve around: billboard advertising, TV commercials, newspaper, and video advertisement on social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram among others. These types of adverts are often short-lived since they lose popularity and people tend to get bored by them easily after watching the same video on several occasions. Companies also pay high prices for these video adverts to be designed and aired. In spite of these adverts being costly, their impact is also relatively smaller. This is because soon after the advertisement, the effect becomes dependent on the viewers’ memory.


These forms of advertisements also experience other challenges. For instance, in television commercials, broadcasting stations are compelled to pause airing certain programs so that the adverts may be aired. This at times makes viewers to have a hatred for the ads. The TV, radio, and billboard advertisements also do not benefit the audience. This is because, on most occasions, they do not add any value to the audience. This, therefore, reduces the memorability of the content message in the adverts.


In order to eliminate this monotony of non-beneficial advertisement strategies, some companies are adopting Three Unique Marketing and Advertisement Strategies. These include:


  1. Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept which compels businesses to be socially accountable to society. It involves businesses doing good to its stakeholder and the public at large. Different companies choose different ways of being socially accountable. While some choose to tackle problems associated with certain diseases, some offer promotional gifts, and others yet choose to adopt measures that can reduce global warming.


While CSR is supposed to be conducted out of goodwill, businesses can use it to advertise themselves and be seen. For instance, when certain businesses get to organize events such as sports, they get to print T-shirts imprinted with their logo. This consequently helps the companies to be seen whenever the recipients of the T-shirts wear them.


At Hydrate Factory, we have also devised a marketing strategy which helps to make your company be seen. We have realized that people use water bottles and cups every day and almost at all times, be it at work, at home or even in outdoor events such as sports. For us, we design high-quality products which can be customized in our factory. These products can then be given to clients as gifts and tokens of appreciation. Whenever these branded bottles, tumbler coffee mugs, and coffee pots are used, they act as constant reminders of the branded products.


  1. Affiliates and Referral Strategies

Almost all businesses claim to have the best quality goods and services which is not always the case. In order to recognize the best, potential clients only believe the people who have had experience with the products. Some businesses tap on this aspect and also welcome affiliates and referral programs as a motivation for those who spread a good word.



  1. Offering Exemplary Customer Care

Some businesses try to eliminate any negative ratings. This is done through professional customer services that ensure every customer is satisfied. In such a case, customer services are offered in different ways such as by making follow-ups even when not requested so that customers may understand that the business cares. In other cases, businesses adopt exemplary customer services which leave the clients breathless and loyal for life. In this age of internet connectivity, people tend to do background research about companies. Finding positive reviews in such a case adds credibility.