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Hydrate Factory has introduced a wide range of beautiful, unique and efficient lines of products. The vacuum flasks for example come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. In terms of colors, quality, and efficiency,these flasks are a force to reckon with. We strive to outdo ourselves with our capable research and development team and each time, we give our clients the best there can be in the market (You can check out some of our flasks here). The journey to these amazing products has been a long one, but we believe that we will continue doing great things in this space. Before that, let’s discuss a brief journey of the vacuum flask.

The thermos was originally invented by Sir James Dewar in 1892. As a cryogenics expert, Sir James identified a need to keep the element Palladium at a very low temperature. As a result, Dewar enclosed a glass bottle into another glass bottle. He hired Reinhold Burger a professional glassblower to evacuate the space between the two glass bottles. This led to the manufacture of the first vacuum flask.

Thanks to Sir Dewar, the vacuum flask became an important tool in the storage of cold products more so gases at very low temperatures. Dewar failed to patent his invention. However, his glassblower Reinhold Burger partnered with Albert Aschrenbrenner to commercialize the vacuum flask for household use. The two partners later named the vacuum flask as the ‘Thermos’ and claimed the rights of the invention and trademark of the vacuum flask.

Over the years the vacuum flask became a central item in households because of its ability to keep hot beverages hot, and cold beverages cold. For many years the vacuum flask was primarily made of 2 glass bottles with a vacuum in between. Even though in the Thermos was used by travelers and outdoor lovers it was fragile and inconveniencing. In 1963, the name Thermos was declared a generalized trademark in the United States of America. This meant that the name Thermos had attained the colloquial reference for the vacuum flask. Today, the vacuum flask is still regarded as a thermos.

The hydrate factory has gone on to improve on the Dewar flask. These improvements have been in terms of design shape size among other features. To eliminate the fragile nature of the glass vacuum flask, hydrate factory manufactures sturdier stainless steel thermos flasks. With our advanced technology, we seek to be game-changer in the vacuum flask sector. Our products have been approved in more than 130 countries in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. We seek to increase our ever-growing happy clientele in the various regions. Our research and development team continually works on improving vacuum insulated products with the purpose of serving our clients and making a mark on the world.

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