The Power of Optimism

//The Power of Optimism

You may have told yourself that there is no use in trying to be optimistic. That, the positivity talk is just something psychologists tell you so that you may feel encouraged. You may have even concluded that in life, what you see is just what you get. Well, in as much as there may be some truth in that, it is actually better for people who are more optimistic. As Hydrate Factory, let us expound more on the power of optimism.


Is There Anything Good about Pessimism?

First of all, let’s do some definitions so that we may be on the same page.

Optimism is defined as the confidence or hope that something is bound to succeed or that the future will be better.

On the other hand, pessimism is defined as the tendency of seeing the worst of things or expecting that the worst will happen.

It is said that there are always two sides to everything. But is there any good in pessimism?

Well, the answer to that question is yes. Yes, pessimism can be a good trait. The trait of seeing the bad side of things can be helpful in that it helps one to be conscious of the downsides to anything. This can help in decision-making since a person can make rational decisions by weighing the cons to various choices.

However, in extremities, pessimism can be pretty dangerous as it may make one lose hope or sight of other possibilities.

The Power of Optimism

Optimism can actually work miracles. It can make one be hopeful even when hope seems to be almost impossible. For instance, consider the case of Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb. It is said that Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before finally coming up with the light bulb. Imagine this, the guy felt that there was just somehow, one could make something to glow or burn continuously without burning out. Such a thing had never been seen or heard of (except in the Bible), but this guy just felt that it could be achieved. Mind you, he had not seen anything of the sort but believed that such a thing could be made.


One might wonder; what was this guy thinking on his 116th failure? What did his neighbors say when he told them that he had failed 719 times on the same thing, but was still hopeful that he would get it right?


Such is the power of optimism. It makes you keep hoping, to keep doing something with the idea that someday and somehow, it will work. Eventually, Thomas Edison said that he did not see the 1000 failures as failures, but as 1000 steps to the invention.


In today’s society, there are also people who have failed severally such as Jack Ma but still opted to hope. Colonel Sanders was also one person who did not choose to settle because of his old age. He still chose to do something until he got through with what the world would come to know as the KFC restaurant franchise.


Some people might say that; I just don’t have that much stamina for hoping amidst failure. However, if you could employ the right techniques, they can motivate you to keep fighting on.


How to Keep Up Even in Hardships.

Step 1: Adopt Different goals; mental, health, physical

At times, all things may seem to be stacked against you. In such a case, it is best to have a mental, health, as well as a physical goal in addition to other goals.

For instance, if you have a career goal, you can as well have a health goal of drinking plenty of water, mental goal of reading a book, and a physical goal of keeping fit. Such goals ensure that one’s schedule is tight and that there is no time of contemplating about failure. This means that, when the career goal seems to be failing, there will be a feeling of accomplishment from the physical exercise as well as from reading the book. This shall serve as an encouragement so that you may not give up on the career goal.


Step 2: Let your Health Be Your First Priority

At Hydrate Factory, we emphasize on the importance of having your health as your first priority. Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to maintain a health plan. Drinking water regularly is easy and inexpensive. At hydrate, we offer beautiful stainless steel water bottles that will serve you for a lifetime at a very low price.

That cannot get any cheaper. We also offer free advice on how to adopt healthy measures that can help you attain your goals and enjoy them later in life. The fact is, you cannot enjoy any level of success if you are in pain or while having health issues.


Step 3: Surround Yourself with Positive People

It is said that, if you want to move fast, walk alone but if you want to go far, walk with someone. The company you choose can actually motivate you or demoralize you. Even though some people may thrive from negativity, there is a limit to what the human mind can take. Therefore, in order to be successful at what you do, surround yourself with like-minded people.



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