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In this modern day and age, competition in the business-world stiffens every day. Local businesses compete with international brands and vice versa. In spite of all these, all businesses be they small or big, all struggle with the same challenge. The challenge of acquiring customers’ loyalty. In addition, these businesses strive to remain relevant as new marketing and advertising techniques are devised daily, and customers spoilt of choice.


Often times, businesses make the mistake of viewing their customers as acquaintances rather than partners and friends. When a business views its clients as friends, there is the possibility of earning their trust and loyalty.


Even in relationships, be it intimate or casual, when one person feels that he or she is disposable, such a person develops withdrawal tendencies. For this reason, it is important to make customers feel important and valued.


One way of making customers to feel valued is by treating them with respect. This can be exemplified through good customer care and quality services.


On the other hand, a business can gain customers’ loyalty by treating them like family. In the same way that people go through hard times, businesses also go through hard times as well. Just like family members stick to each other during times of hardships, clients who are treated like family are bound to remain even during the hard times.


So, exactly how do businesses treat their customers as their family? Family members recognize each other’s special days for example birthdays, funerals, weddings etc. Similarly, businesses can also keep tabs on their clients, send special messages via text or even offer gifts in the form of promotions.


In the event that a business cannot obtain personal details, they can as well offer them gifts. Even though expensive gifts are more appreciated than small gifts, businesses cannot be sustainable when purchasing expensive gifts for their clients. In such a case, businesses can invest in high quality, durable and useful yet low-cost gifts.


Personalized gifts, in most cases, speak volumes, and are greatly appreciated. Since most people appreciate free things and gifts, a prudent business person/corporation should seek ways of gaining by issuing gifts.


When seeking the perfect gift, a business should consider several factors such as:


  1. Can it be Branded?

When thinking about promotional gifts businesses should consider gifts which can be branded. Branded gifts carry the name of a company. Wherever the gifts go, the company’s name is seen and this is some form of advertising.


  1. Is the Gift Used Occasionally?

When issuing out gifts, a business should consider whether the gift is used occasionally. Gifts such as printed shirts and T-shirts can be good. But after they are used on the first day, many people would refrain wearing them again. Why? Who wants to look like a charity donation recipient?


However, in products such as water bottles or high quality tumbler auto-mugs, many people would tolerate a logo and a special message. Customers appreciate personalized messages such as “Whenever you drink from this bottle. Remember that we care” and a logo on the other side.


Such types of advertisements can even create a buzz and people would appreciate them highly.


  1. Is the Gift Durable?

When sending out such a gift, ensure that the gift is durable. Won’t you want your logo and message to be seen for long? Plus, this is a sign that your products and services are also of high quality.


  1. Will the gift be appreciated?

Customers always appreciate high quality and good looking gifts. Seek gifts that will make other people envy your customers. If you need suggestions on such gifts, check out Hydrate Factory shelves.


  1. Is the gift Costly?

When making a purchase for your customers, ensure that you get the goods from the manufacturer, this way, you are assured of having the gifts at the lowest price there is in the market.


At Hydrate Factory, our products are crafted with the idea of durability and elegance in mind. We also offer them at reasonable prices.


If you need superior and useful gifts for your clients. Check out our shelves as they speak for themselves.


We also customize the gifts, print your logo on them so that they may represent your business as you would want it seen. Hit us up and we will give you a good deal.


You do not have to worry about the designing aspect. We have in-house designers who can do it for free. On the other hand, if you have a customized design on your end, we will with it every step of the way.

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