The Environment is the Most Important Determinant for Success

//The Environment is the Most Important Determinant for Success

You’ve probably heard of the cliché saying, “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future” or “you are the average of five of your best friends”.

Well, those phrases in themselves leave a lot to be answered. You might be wondering, ‘Does it mean I can’t be rich in the company of poor people? Or can’t I be unique regardless of whom I associate myself with?’ Truth be told, it’s not that these sayings insinuate that you cannot be any different from your friends. On the other hand, they kind of imply that your environment shall to a high extent be responsible for your success or your downfall.

Fast Forward.

In today’s world, many people have the confidence that they are their own bosses or they are capable of anything if only they believe it. There is often an overemphasis on the personality (the uniqueness in a person) and an inner drive as the major factor for success. However, in real life, success is largely a result of your environment.

For instance, many people aspire to go to the top universities such as Harvard, Yale among others. Truth be told, it’s not that these colleges read different books. But many people envision that getting to some of these places is a sure pathway to success.

The mindset triggering this goal for many is, “Even if I am the last person in that university, I will still be the best somewhere else.” And true to the words, this is at times the case.

But why is it that the best schools keep on doing well while the worst perform poorly, year in year out?

The answer to this is “The Environment”.

Sure, there are many factors that contribute to one’s success, but have you ever asked yourself why the most famous actors are often found in Hollywood? Or why some of the most successful tech companies are found in Silicon Valley?

Definitely, a tech company can thrive anywhere. A good actor can be found in any part of the world. But these geographical areas have the highest concentration of the best.

The fact is, you really need an environment that motivates you to work hard, so as to make it in life. To some extent, you can create this for yourself, and this is where the element of inner drive comes in.

If you want to work on your health, surround yourself with items that make you health-conscious. A Hydrate bottle in such a case would be the perfect option. This is because Hydrate Bottles are beautiful and can be used in different environments including the workplace. When you carry a water bottle everywhere you go, you will most likely sip on it even when you are not necessarily thirsty. Consequently, you will reap the numerous health benefits of drinking plenty of water.

Depending on what you do, you alone know what works for you. If you work well when there is some music in the background, make that happen.  Your environment can help you reach your most ambitious goals. And don’t forget, your health comes first, even if you become the richest person in the world, you cannot enjoy it if you’re in pain.

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