Stainless Steel Material For Manufacturing Vacuum Insulated Bottles & Its Advantages

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Stainless Steel Material For Thermos Manufacturing & Its Advantages

Stainless Steel Bottles have become a trend in modern society. The insulated bottles are popular especially among those who prefer to carry their drinks. Persons such as athletes, travelers, campers, hikers, and the ordinary business people who get thirsty once in a while.

Bottle Material

According to DIN 28400 Part 1: “A vacuum is the state of a gas when the pressure of the gas in a container and thus the particle density is lower than outside or when the pressure of the gas is less than 300 mbar, i.e. lower than the lowest atmospheric pressure on the earth’s surface.”

In the vacuum insulation bottles, the thermal insulation effect is by using thicker materials by reducing their thermal conductivity. Primarily, if the gas pressure inside the panel is reduced up to a decent level, the heat transfer is almost eliminated. Thus, very thin structures can also give excellent performances and meet the appropriate requirements.

Characteristics of good quality double-walled stainless steel water bottles:

  • Vacuum Seal Insulation – Vacuum sealed bottles can keep liquids hot and cold for a longer duration.
  • Proven Results For Maintaining Temperature – These bottles have passed a number of tests that prove; they can maintain the packaging temperature of the liquid for about 24 hours.
  • Value for Money – These bottles provide good value for money.

These stainless steel bottles have gained an increased demand for a number of reasons:

  • They are among the best and safest options for carrying water.
  • They have become a popular trend, especially in youth due to their flashy designs and attractive packaging.

Raw Materials for Insulated Vacuum Bottles

The basic raw materials used in the manufacture of the insulated bottle are either plastic or stainless steel, which form the outer cup, and glass, which often forms the inner cup (the inner cup may also be formed

The general manufacturing process

The Foam Used

  • Foam initially arrives at the factory in the liquid ball form. These balls are placed jointly giving a heat generating a chemical reaction.
  • Then this liquid mixture is slightly heated up to 75-80° F (23.9-26.7° C).
  • After completion of the reaction, the mixture is slightly cooled down and the liquid foam is the resultant.

The Bottle

  • After liquid foam, the outer cap is formed. It can be made from plastic or primarily from stainless steel. If the outer cap is made of plastic. It is produced by the process of blow molding. In this process, small pellets of plastic resin are heated and forcefully blown into a mold in the desired shape. If the outer cap is produced using stainless steel then it is pounded into shape from a particular sheet of stainless steel.
  • During the assembly line process, the produced outer cap is fitted with its inner liner. It is a kind of glass filter made outside the factory or a stainless still filter, pounded from a sheet of stainless steel, is placed inside the outer cup
  • Then, the insulation is added to it. For a cold insulated bottle, foam in a liquid form is sprayed into the space between the cups and then is allowed to harden. And for a hot-insulated bottle, a large vacuuming machine sucks the air from the space between the two cups being used.
  • Next, a silicone coating is sprayed on the cups, holding them jointly for a single unit and then the steel bottles are painted.
  • The logo of the company after painting is pad-printed on each bottle or a sticker with the company name is placed on the body of the bottle. Pad- printing created a permanent stamp on the material or the final bottle.
  • After the completion of insulation process, these bottles are passed through quality inspection and then are finally wrapped and prepared for shipping.

The Top

Like the bottles, even their tops are also blow molded, If the top has a stopper (many insulated bottled have stoppers that can be pulled upward from the cap. Liquid flows through a small hole in the stopper), that is also blow-molded.

Lastly, a tiny hole is punched in the stopper to allow liquids to flow through it.

Quality Control

It is a very important part of the process to have a check on the quality of the insulated bottles being produced. Many insulated bottles undergo stringent and thorough quality control inspections.

Benefits of using Stainless Steel Material in Bottles Manufacturing

Stainless Steel Bottles are free of BPA

These forms of bottles are free of BPA, which is kind of a chemical that has been used for years to harden plastics. This chemical, however, is found to be harmful to the environment and human health due to a number of reasons. BPA is an endocrine inhibitor that interferes with the production, secretion, transport, and functioning of the human body hormones. The researchers believe that this chemical contributes to reproductive disorders among women, male impotence, heart disease, and diabetes, and contributes to memory loss and brain functioning.

Thus, these bottles are typically free from BPA chemicals and therefore have been declared safe by the FDA. With the usage of vacuum sealed stainless steel water bottles, the human body is therefore protected from the high levels of BPA that would otherwise be found in plastic bottles.

Stainless Steel Material Provide Good Insulation

Another major reason for preferring vacuum insulated bottles is that they provide the best insulation for your drinks whether they are cold or warm. These bottles have emerged out as champions when tested in extreme warm and cold conditions.

Different companies and independent labs have carried out temperature retention test with Stainless Steel material used for bottles and have found satisfying results. These insulated hydro flasks are able to withstand sun for hours, but the content of the bottle still maintain their temperature. The liquids placed inside the bottles are able to maintain their packing temperatures because of the vacuum seal present inside the stainless steel water bottle

Vacuum Insulated Steel Bottles Reduce the Pollution Levels

As these bottles are stronger and durable, and environmental friendly so is very popular. Plastic water bottles and other material re-usable water bottles are recycled at higher costs and mostly end up polluting the environment. The chemical properties of stainless steel material make them 100% recyclable so are a better option when it comes down to reusable water containers.

This property of being reusable not only helps in solving many pollution problems but also reduce the cost.

Leaching of Minerals in Water

This is one of the important benefits gained from the usage of stainless steel water bottles over aluminum or plastic. As they are made from an alloy of iron and chromium, alloys provide with an increased resistance towards corrosion and thus, we can ensure that there are no materials that are leached into our drinking water that can harm our body functioning.

If aluminum or any such materials are used to produce bottles the material will leach into the liquid content present inside the bottle and will give a metallic taste. Leached reactants in our body can have adverse effects and can result in the development of certain number of diseases like Alzheimer’s disease cause due to aluminum.

Even the plastic bottles result in the same kind of problems, the chemicals present in the plastic may react with water under some conditions which introduce a plastic taste in the water and a lethal mixture that harms the health of our bodies.

Vacuum Insulated Steel Bottles are Highly Durable

These bottles are more popular among the public because they do not get cracked or destroyed instantly on external impact. These bottles have the capacity to resist any impact and do not break easily.

Plastic or any other form of reusable water bottles is made of soft materials that cannot sustain external impact. These bottles have more probabilities of getting cracked and increase the health risk every time by increasing the exposure to content inside to outside organisms.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles help in giving the Proper Hydration

As this Thermos have a better ability of temperature retention and preserving the natural taste of the liquid for a longer duration, so consumers prefer consuming more liquid.

If one consumes an optimum level of liquid it helps to maintain the proper functions of the body.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles V/s Plastics Bottle

These bottles have proven to be a solution to the number of problems caused by too much plastic in our ecosystems. It is an economical solution as plastics production consumes a lot of oil reserves.

By using one stainless steel water bottle, this ensures that thousands of plastic water bottles are not used. Therefore, the insulated thermal flasks of steel have emerged as a perfect solution for solving environmental pollution problems since they last for many years with the proper care and attention. In addition, they are easier to maintain as compared to the plastic bottles.

Zero Contact with Plastics

Stainless steel bottles often times ensure that there is zero usage of plastics in the entire manufacturing process. Unlike the aluminum bottles which still have a plastic lid, stainless steel water bottles are well advanced that not even the lid is made of plastic material.

Coatings of plastics on aluminum bottles can be the flake and very unsafe causing a number of diseases, thus, it is always preferable to go for stainless steel water bottles as they have zero contact with any form of hazardous plastic materials.

Increasing demand for Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles

In recent years the need for insulated water bottles has increased  because of two primary reasons:

  • The growing environmental awareness and health consciousness among people has increased thereby increasing the demand for these bottles to a very large extent globally. People are switching over to the stainless steel water bottles instead of plastic water bottles, straws, or other disposable containers because they possess numerous health benefits.
  • These forms of steel thermos flasks are much more practical to use nowadays. Earlier on, vacuum insulated bottles were only used for hiking & camping and were considered bulky and heavy. Nowadays, manufacturers are producing lightweight, stylish versions of these bottles, motivating the everyday consumers to shift toward these bottles from plastics.

Material like Stainless Steel has given manufacturers the ability to produce more attractive, eye-catching and pleasing bottle by shapes, designs, colors, and prints (pictures & quotes).


Stainless Steel is the perfect material for insulated bottles as it does not have any health hazard and is environmental-friendly. Manufacturers are involved in material innovation and cutting-edge technology to produce quality insulated bottles.