Setting Goals and Achieving Them

//Setting Goals and Achieving Them

Life goals are important since they give someone a sense of purpose and direction. No matter how big or small, these goals make someone to look forward to something. And, once a goal is achieved, someone feels a sense of accomplishment and develops a desire to do even more.


Even as you set your goals, you may need to have strategy on how to do it right. Most people make resolutions but fail to achieve them because they do not a set strategy towards achieving them. Here are a few tips on how to go about setting goals:

  1. Your Health Should Be Your Number One Priority

In any situation, good health should be your first priority. This is because, even if you get to amass all the wealth in the world or get the best designer stuff the world has to offer, you simply cannot enjoy it if you are in pain.


Of what use would property or anything be if you cannot smile and enjoy it? In some cases, some people tend to neglect their health in pursuit of something and end up regretting. In the real sense, taking care of your health does not require much. Drinking plenty of water to cleanse your body does not necessitate the buying of bottled water every day. You can get your own Hydrate Factory bottle and carry the water everywhere you go.


Regular hydration aids all body processes; processes which require blood supply and energy. Exercising is similarly important and it does not mean that you have to take time off work. Stretching from time to time, walking around the place of work, and subtle flexing can be a part of the routine. Eating healthy is also key and it requires just a balanced diet (Mark these words; not an expensive diet).


  1. Set Smart Goals

Yes, it is okay to set goals that scare and motivate you. However, it is also wise to set achievable goals. At times its okay to change your mind or your goals altogether. The key to true happiness is finding yourself, and if you find yourself before reaching a certain goal, take time to enjoy it.


Researchers adopt a SMART formula when conducting their studies. This strategy can also be used when setting personal goals in life as discussed here:


S- Specific –                        When setting goals, make specific targets. Don’t just say that you want to be rich. State how much you want to earn and within which timeframe.


M- Measurable –             When setting a goal, you should set it in a way which you will be able to understand how much you have done and just how much more you need to achieve. You should be able to know for instance what percentage of the goal you got to achieve on a daily basis. This gives you a sense of purpose as you understand the strides taken each day.


A- Achievable –                It is important to understand your potential. We are all gifted differently and simply because someone else can do something, it does not mean you can. With this understanding, you get to know what you can do and what you cannot. Eventually, this can at times relieve you of unnecessary stress


R- Relevant –                      Do what matters in your life. You do not need to do something to please others. Do what is relevant to your career, ambitions and goals.


T- Time-related –              Do what should be done, at the right time. Do not over-reach for things that are beyond you. If you should be at school, do your best at school. If you are a parent, do not ignore that for other goals. Pursue goals that are related to the stage you are in life. Do not worry that you did not achieve something because something else came along. Learn to do what is right at the right time.



  1. Spend Wisely

It is true that you only live once. But that does not mean that you are dying tomorrow. Buy what needs to be bought. Save some and use products that help you to enjoy other things as highlighted in the article: Money Saving Tips. Just learn to live wisely, there is no need of living large and then being homeless later on.


  1. Remember to Be Yourself

As you go about pursuing your goals, remember to be yourself. Do not live to please others. Just be honest to yourself. You do not owe the world something. It is up to you to give it if you can and when you can.



From the Hydrate Factory family: All the best in your pursuits!



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