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We provide numerous custom printing options, plus focus in attaining stunning graphic imitation on finest stainless steel. The right kind of artwork is behind the success of your printed product. This page summaries our necessities and techniques for submitting art.

Vector Art Conditions

In order to guarantee the finest quality printing, HydrateFactory needs “Vector-based” Art Files in Adobe Illustrator. Vector Art is not like other formats, and no matter what the size, it has the capability to increase in size, and does not get blurry, rasterized, or pixilated, and assures a rich, crisp imprint consistently. Also, Vector art is simple to operate for the purposes of color separating.

File Formats Recognized

  • We take Vector Artwork in .ai, .cdr, .eps, or scalable .pdf file formats. Ensure that all fonts are saved as summaries, plus all images are entrenched.
  • Multi-color artwork should be kept separate.
  • The files need to be Mac compatible.
  • For clarity, art should have a minimum line thickness of 1 point stroke weight.
  • For clarity, reverse-out type elements should be a minimum of 2 point stroke weight.
  • Please state Pantone Color(s) you want to be used for printing. Typically, we can match any Pantone color needed in screen printing.
  • Art file formats, comprising high resolution .tiff, .psd or .jpg files might be acceptable only for complete color printing projects. Full-color artwork should at least be 300+ dpi at 100% size, plus the whole text should be in vector.


Other File Formats:

Typically, the Photoshop files (.bmp, .psd, .tiff, .jpeg, .gif,) will NOT alternate for printable Vector Art, plus cannot be utilized for laser engraving projects or screen printing. Though, they might be practical for certain full-color printing orders, besides you can send other file formats for graphic reference on engraving orders as well as the screen print.

Please understand that if you just open your artwork in another file format (like.jpg) and save it into a vector-based program, such as Abobe Illustrator, your artwork won’t save as a true Vector file. Even though that graphic is resaved as pdf., .eps, or .ai, however, the original source image is not Vector Art, it won’t save as true scalable Vector Art file.

In case, your art appears well on a computer screen, however, isn’t supplied in Vector format, it doesn’t essentially mean that it will decode well as a screen print. For computer monitors, resolution necessities are extremely lesser than the ones needed for crisp screen printing on dimensional metal objects.

If You Don’t Have Vector Art

In case your art requires alterations, or no Vector format files are there for your project, there is no need to worry, as our capable in-house production team is able to efficiently translate the raster files into Vector Art. We are also efficient in translating the simple photographic images into vector art, even though the base art can’t be too meticulous and we are not able to do human portraits, because it is extremely difficult and takes a lot of time. To start with, we will require clean, decipherable reference of your art. After this, we will again draw your text and/or illustrations as vector files. Nominal production fees will apply for our time. We usually require 2 working days to finish Vector file conversion work.

Sending Artworks

Please email the art files to

Also, make sure to put your contact info with the submitted artwork.

Virtual Mock Ups:

If you have something specific in mind regarding how you want to apply your graphics, simply let us know the particular instructions in terms of required scaling, size, as well as art placement. In case, you are good with designing, and you can let us know your digital mockups on any of our products pulled from our website. In case, you are not good with designs; we can normally make a virtual sample or mockup of the art which you provide, applied to our product free of charge. It will display size and imprint location, and match how the printed product will appear. If there are no clear instructions from the customer’s side, we ourselves decide about the sizing and placing.

Art Layout Proofs :

Usually within 48 hours of project start and receiving of artwork, Pre-production.PDF file proofs are sent for sanction. If owing to an approaching deadline, your project requires fast-turn production, or if imprint is extremely simple, or if you earlier agreed to a mockup, we may at times waive the official pre-production proof stage and evaluate proof for sanction with our internal production team to keep your project on schedule.

Screen Set Up Charges

Every laser engrave graphics or imprint color will need a distinct screen or digital set up charge. Set charges differ from product to product, as well as by kind of imprint.

Product Samples

In the “photo gallery” section, we have put a variety of DIY product images of our product pages in order for you to get an idea of quality, product features, and details. Our products are picked for quality, performance, style, and practicality. All HydrateFactory products are developed from premium 18/8 stainless steel and don’t have any cheap plastic liners. If you need to touch and see the product prior to buying, blank or randomly imprinted physical product samples are available on the majority of the items, however, they might need a week or so to reach and there might be charges for costly items. Please give us your UPS or FedEx freight service account, if you want us to send the samples.

Production Times:

After written proof approval, and receipt of payment, it requires 15-25 working days for producing orders up to 60,000 units. At times, we can accelerate production, however, it relies on our present workload.

Trademarks & Copyrights

Trademark, copyright and registered designs are printed only for the authorized users. When orders are made according to the specification of the customer, there should be no liability on HydrateFactory and its associates regarding proprietary rights violations, patent, trademark, invasion of privacy, or copyright infringements, or other personal or intellectual property rights infringements or violations. The materials provided by the client for utilization by HydrateFactory to produce ordered items are reflected by HydrateFactory to be in complete agreement with all pertinent laws with respect to patent, service mark, trademark, copyright, or similar protection, plus the client has all of the legal rights and approvals to provide HydrateFactory a limited license for the precise persistence of replicating this kind of materials on the products. It is the responsibility of the customer to give suitable legal guidelines to HydrateFactory for presence in the art.

Trademark Notice

The logos presented on our website are only for illustrative purposes. There has been no attempt to infringe on copyrights and trademarks. The logos don’t infer certification by the owners of the artwork/design/trademark, that these items were ever produced, or that the possessors specifically approved items with these exact logos for sale to anyone.