How to Make Sure the Kids Remain Hydrated During Summer: Invest in Hydrate Factory Bottles

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Most kids consider summertime to be a time of freedom for them as they get to enjoy summer holidays and stay out of the home for as much as they want. If your kid is the same and you constantly worry about how to make sure the kids remain hydrated during summer then you should know that buying a Hydrate Factory bottles is one of the solutions you can trust. There are many other solutions as well. All of them are listed right here for your perusal.

Invest in a Stainless Steel Water Bottle

If your kid is among those kids who never stay in one place and have to roam all over the place, then you can’t risk buying a plastic water bottle for such an active kid because he or she might break it. You should invest in a stainless steel water bottle because it would not break easily and would work well for longer. It will also keep the water cold for longer as compared to plastic bottles due to better insulation features.

After you have bought the water bottle, you should fill it up with water topped with ice every morning and give it to your kid. When your kid returns home for a snack or lunch, you can check to ensure that he or she has drunk it and refill it. Your kid should drink at least three bottles of water in a day to stay hydrated. Though this number varies by how active your kid is and how much energy he or she burns in a day.

After buying a stainless steel water bottle from Hydrate Factory, you should drill the habit of drinking water regularly in your kid by asking your kid to take water breaks at least 10 times a day. If your kid is resistant, you can penalize him or her by barring one of his or her favorite treats like ice cream or reduce the TV time.

Stick to Snacks

Apart from buying the right drinking bottle stainless steel from Hydrate Factory, you should also ensure that your kid snacks on the right snack options like fresh fruits and vegetables that have no salt content as they will prevent dehydration. These kinds of snacks will ensure that your kid gets all the energy he or she needs to stay active in the summer heat without compromising on health. When picking the right fruits and vegetables, pick the ones that have high water content to boost the energy levels of your kid.

Invest in Juice Cubes

If you are a working parent who hasn’t got the time to make fresh juice for the kid throughout the day, then we suggest that you make fresh juice every morning and freeze it in ice cubes. Tell your kid to empty all the trays by the evening to ensure that the kid stays hydrated as much as possible. If ice cubes are not available, you can also store plastic bottles filled with juice in the freezer.

Monitor Hydration Needs of the Kid

No matter which of the hydration route you have picked, buying a water bottle or making sure your kids drink a lot of juices, you should try to monitor the liquid intake of your kid such as a gallon a day to ensure that you meet that target every day by using awesome equipment like stainless steel bottle by Hydrate Factory.