How to Increase your Productivity

//How to Increase your Productivity

 Many people wonder how they can improve their productivity and utilize their full potential.  The thing is, we all have 24 hours each day, and the more you can do with your time, the more you can: earn and get fulfilled.  With social media and all the various entertainment platforms within reach, it is easy for one to waste time and end up not making full use of a day. Similarly, making the decision to quit a bad habit and sticking to the decision can be daunting.


So How can you Break away from this Habit? 

For most people, there are various goals which we set for ourselves. Be it eating well, doing exercises, studying harder, or even making more money, there is always something we look forward to achieving. However, the major obstacle which we face each day is ourselves. You might plan to wake up early and do some exercises or wake up early to go to work, but every time the alarm rings, the temptation to hit the snooze button wins.


You may even have tried quitting the habit of procrastination several times but failed. As the days go by the feeling of frustration grows tremendously and it is easy to contend with failure.


Starting a good habit is often not a problem. Drawing a plan on how to spend a day or a month is easy. There are instances where you can embark on a program, get the hang of it and feel victorious. The day you wake up early and go to work early or complete reading a book, you feel fulfilled.  You develop a need to do more and at one time hope to be productive on a daily basis.

So how can continue doing this?

The path to success as stated earlier is in developing the healthy habits and making a lifestyle.  Leaving your bed early every single day is not an easy thing. Exercising every now and then is tedious.  This is why even after making up your mind to stick to positivity, you will still find yourself falling back on your goals and objectives.

How Exactly do You Develop a Positive Mindset:

  1. Identify yourself with whom you want to be.

If you want to be successful at something, you should think and act like you are that whom you aspire to be. For instance, if you want to break away from drug addiction or certain bad habits you should think like an already reformed person.

You should adopt the positive mentality and say to yourself each time, ” I am not a drug addict and I cannot take drugs”.

Such thoughts can help to condition your mind that you can exist without the bad habits.

  1. Make your Environment Conducive.

A good environment can compel you to do what you plan on doing. Design your environment in such a way that you get more done.

If you are keen on improving your health, have a water bottle on your side at all times

(You can check out our various bottle designs and choose your piece). Seeing the bottle will make you sip more water even when you’re not necessarily thirsting.  It will also make you health conscious and this will be a step to healthy living.


  1. Use the Cues to your Advantage

Adopting strategies or cues that help you to be successful is another important thing.

In many cases, accomplishing one thing encourages you to pursue success in other things as well. If you derive joy and develop a sense of purpose in the same way, strive to set up small and easy tasks to accomplish each morning.  Start by making your bed and count that as the first achievement. The little activities propel you to do even more and by the end of the day, much is accomplished.

Planning your day in advance can also help in signaling what is most important and what must be handled before the end of the day.

  1. Adopt Habits that get you There.

Picking habits that support your goal can help in getting you started towards the right path. Depending on what you want to do, there are several habits along the way which can propel you to get there.  If you are studying a new language, listen to music sang in that language.  Watch movies in the language and try to talk to people in the same dialect.  You don’t only have to wait until you can read to learn, use all avenues which can get you there.

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