How to Fight Procrastination

//How to Fight Procrastination

Have you started working on a health plan yet? Or have you been planning and each time you get to postpone things? Well, if you often do the latter, then you suffer from procrastination. If you want to stop this behavior, let’s look at how you can quit it.


What is Procrastination?

Procrastination has been one of man’s greatest weakness for centuries. The problem is as old as mankind and was referred to by the Greek philosophers such as Socrates and Aristotle as Akrasia.

Loosely translated, the term Akrasia means the behavior of acting contrary to better judgement. However, in modern context, procrastination is defined as the act of postponing or delaying what ought to be done. In this case, procrastination is a force that can prevent you from being successful at what you intend to do.


Procrastination in Real Life

Procrastination may be the reason why you do not exercise. It may be the reason why you do not embark on a hydration plan, even when you know the benefits of drinking plenty of water.


In many cases, people tend to procrastinate useful things so that they can engage in less useful things. Sometimes one can postpone studying so that he or she can sleep or engage in social media. At other times, one can postpone starting a morning workout plan so as to get an extra minute of sleep.


In nearly all cases, procrastinators tend to have a reason for their behavior and these reasons often do not yield positive results. This means that for those who look for a reason not to do something, you can never lack a reason.


What Does Procrastination Hinder You From Achieving?

For some people, procrastination is a habit. Others yet plan on doing something and for a few days they keep at it then fall out. The most successful people often say that their success emanated from hard work and several failures.


The truth is, we all have 24 hours in a day. And, what you do with your 24 hours may determine how successful you will be. Success is a result of repeated action. What people see as success is often a tip of the iceberg. Underlying the iceberg are many failures, sleepless nights, hard work, determination.


Even in the face of all these, successful people persevere and what we see are their lights moments: The moment they win an Oscar; win a medal; operate a successful franchise; buy lavish cars and houses, or get good jobs.

But How Can I Quit Procrastinating?

The key to success is working hard and smart. Average efforts will only yield average results. This on many occasions calls for extra efforts and more time at something. But how can one be successful with the limited time one has in a day? Well, the following tips may be of help:

  • Make a long-term plan

Success does not come as a result of accident. It is often a result of passion and being goal-oriented. At times doing something does not pay immediately but you have to work for it. Even if it doesn’t show signs of giving results, you have to keep at it, develop a discipline of doing it. Deep down, you just have to have that goal.


So, what do you want to achieve? Do you want to get some abs? Or do you want to attain an even skin tone? Do you want financial freedom? What is your long-term plan?


  • Identify Your Path

If you fail to identify the right path, you will most likely arrive at the wrong destination. Make a plan on how you are going to achieve what you intend to achieve.


If you want an even skin tone, adopt a hydration plan. In such a case, makeup would only be a short-term solution and skin cleansing techniques such as hydration would be more appropriate.


  • Wake up Early

Many people procrastinate doing things because they need an extra minute of sleep. When you wake up early, you get time to plan what you want to achieve in your day. If you wake up just a few minutes to work time, you will just rush to get to where you are needed and this will leave very little time to plan.


For those who are into social media, try to wake up at odd hours since there is not much activity during odd hours. If you were planning to adopt a hydration strategy, fill your bottle with water and the appropriate fruit infusions if necessary. If you want some abs, work on staying fit.


  • Make Every Day Count

Make your plan a routine. Ensure that each day, you work towards attaining what you set forth to do. In such a case, you need to have the appropriate items for your goal. If you are working on a hydration plan, make sure that your bottle can survive for the long-run and that it is convenient on all occasions.


For ultimate success, make sure that on each day, you do something towards your goal. The small things and the small lessons learned along the way will get you to where you want to be.

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