How to Clean Reusable Plastic Water Bottles by Hydrate Factory

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If you have recently bought a plastic water bottle by Hydrate Factory and you like it, then we suggest that you keep it as good as new by cleaning it regularly. As plastic bottles are usually fragile and can’t be cleaned in a dishwasher with ease, you should learn to clean them up on your own. The process is not scary as it sounds and in fact, it is quite simple when you get a hang of things. Here you can know the process of cleaning your well-loved water bottle and realize it’s the easiest DIY you ever tried.

Things You Will Need

When most people are still in a school or college, they just rinse their bottle under a tap a few times and consider things to be done. It’s time you let go of that bad habit if you ever had it by investing in some quality travel mug cleaning brushes that are quite cost effective and can be used to clean many other small household items.


Another thing you will need but not necessarily have to buy in order to clean your drinking bottle is a dish-washing soap. If you are buying it, we suggest that you go for natural options as they don’t do any harm. In case your plastic water bottle hasn’t been washed in a while or needs stronger cleaning then you should ensure that you have some white vinegar and baking soda as well.

You will also need to clear the counter area for the task and keep a towel handy to ensure that you can keep the water bottle upside down overnight to let it dry. In case you have a dish drying rack, that will work flawlessly as well.

The Process

You should start cleaning the water bottle by emptying out and adding a bit or warm water and some dish-washing soap to it. Then you should put the lid back and shake the reusable plastic water bottle by Hydrate Factory for about 30 seconds. Once you are done, use the brush to scrub inside the water bottle.

If you still see dirt on there, then you should use white vinegar or baking soda. When going for the former option, you should fill one fifth of the bottle with vinegar and the rest with water and let it sit overnight while making sure you rinse it in the morning. While selecting the latter method, you should add about two tablespoons of baking soda and warm water to the bottle, let it soak for a few hours and rinse it thoroughly. You should clean your plastic water bottle by Hydrate Factory at least once a day.

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