Drink Plenty of Water to Achieve a Glowing Radiant Skin Tone

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Recently, there has been a water drinking challenge craze on various TV shows as well as on other social media platforms. In the various challenges, the results were astoundingly similar whereby participants had an amazing skin transformation. In nearly all occasions, participants developed a smoother, glowing, more radiant skin tone.


Apparently, medical practitioners recommend that an adult human being should drink approximately eight, 8-ounce glasses of water every day. Taking that much water is in itself a challenge for most people. However, you can adopt various strategies which can help you drink that much water. If you want to know more on how to drink that much water, read till the end of this article. In the meantime, let us have a look on the benefits of drinking water to the skin.


Just like all other organs, the skin is made up of cells which require water to function properly. The skin is literally the largest body organ. The skin protects the body form toxins, harmful pollutants and radiations. It is also recognized as the first line of defense from infections. If you have ever had a wound and had to clean and cover it to avoid infections, then you have an idea of the importance of the skin. The skin also helps to regulate the body’s temperature and excrete wastes by sweating.


It is important to note that water has several functions in the body. This water is responsible for transporting nutrients to various body organs and removing wastes from them, cooling the body, lubricating joints among other functions.


The human body on the other hand has a complex water allocation system whereby any amount taken in is divided to serve the different functions. If you are used to drinking one glass of water, a portion of it is used in transporting wastes whereas other portions are used for other functions. This means that if you do not take enough water, the body may decide to store some wastes since there is no water to remove it.


The body wastes stored in the body at times manifest themselves in the form of blemishes and acne. So in order to remove them, you may need to drink lots of water over time. One way of ensuring that you drink sufficient amounts of water is by always having a bottle of water. By having a good looking bottle on the side, most people confess that they tend to drink more water just like they tend to go through their phones.


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