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Double wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler Coffee Mug

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There are different types of coffee mugs out there in the market. Some mugs are made using earthenware, others porcelain, glass, while others yet are made of bone china. However, nothing beats our signature double wall stainless vacuum insulated tumbler. These tumbler mugs are designed to be used in different environments while retaining a touch

Stainless Steel Material For Manufacturing Vacuum Insulated Bottles & Its Advantages

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Stainless Steel Material For Thermos Manufacturing & Its Advantages Stainless Steel Bottles have become a trend in modern society. The insulated bottles are popular especially among those who prefer to carry their drinks. Persons such as athletes, travelers, campers, hikers, and the ordinary business people who get thirsty once in a while. According to DIN 28400

10 benefits of Stainless Steel Bottles…

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Is there anything more pleasing than a sip of refreshing cool water on a hot sunny day in summer? Taking a long sip of cool water from your bottle makes you feel happier and healthier at any time of day. It is even clinically proven that drinking enough amount of water helps to boost your

What’s the difference between Stainless Steel 201, 304, and 316?

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Metals are of two types, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous. Ferrous is the metal that includes iron as its constituent such as steel, etc. Non-Ferrous metals are those which do not include iron such as copper, aluminum, etc. Steel is one of the most important alloys that a human has manufactured. It is used in almost every