The Importance of Branding and Advertisement

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Big companies spend a lot of funds in branding and advertisement campaigns. Even though some of these brands are known internationally, they still inject millions of dollars in advertising each year. The reason why these companies do so is because they understand the importance of being known and seen from time to time.   The

Importance of Having a Water Bottle

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Many people do not understand the importance of having a water bottle. Some people think that a bottle is just an item for carrying a drink. Well, if you had similar thoughts on the importance of a water bottle, then you are dead wrong. Let’s see why you need a Hydrate water bottle yourself. Serves

The Perfect Gifts for Customers and Employees

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In this modern day and age, competition in the business-world stiffens every day. Local businesses compete with international brands and vice versa. In spite of all these, all businesses be they small or big, all struggle with the same challenge. The challenge of acquiring customers’ loyalty. In addition, these businesses strive to remain relevant as

Sales and Marketing Tips for the Modern Company

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Marketing can be a tricky affair. In the competitive world, companies and sales agents all seek to stand out and be conspicuous. But, how can one really be different when everyone seeks the same thing? Let’s have a look at a few sales and marketing tips for your enterprise: Grab People’s Attention As a company

A Unique Marketing Strategy for All Companies

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All companies seek to get potential clients’ attention in nearly the same way. Almost all of them seek to gain access to people’s homes through the television and radio stations. However, there are several disadvantages associated with this marketing strategy. For one, it is only effective if significant viewers and listeners get to listen to

Why Constantly Reusing Disposable Plastic Water Bottles is not a Good Idea

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Suppose, you own a stainless steel water bottle by Hydrate Factory love its services. But oops! One day you forget to carry it with you to work, and decide to buy a disposable plastic bottle instead. When you empty the disposable water bottle, you think of reusing it at least a couple of times so

How Vacuum Insulation by HydrateFactory Can Let You Enjoy a Cold Drink Whenever You Want

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Imagine going to grocery shopping the next weekend and taking your water bottle filled with cold water with you to ensure that you get cold water on a hot summer day when you are done shopping. But the big question is that when you come back, will the water be as cool as you want

Make Sure the Kids are Well Hydrated at all Times

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Most kids consider summertime to be a time of freedom. To them, it is a time of enjoyment and staying out of the house for as much as they want. If your kids have a similar tendency and you constantly worry on how you can make sure they remain hydrated, then you should consider purchasing

How to Clean Reusable Plastic Water Bottles by Hydrate Factory

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If you have recently bought a plastic water bottle by Hydrate Factory and you like it, then we suggest that you keep it as good as new by cleaning it regularly. As plastic bottles are usually fragile and can’t be cleaned in a dishwasher with ease, you should learn to clean them up on your

The Role of Colors in Branding Hydro Flasks

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Color & Branding In Original Equipment manufacturing (OEM) and private labeling, a lot of factors are taken into consideration. In order to satisfy customers and create more demand for products, it is imperative that one gets to pay close attention to the products' shapes, sizes, colors & other aspects such as capacity. Among these factors