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Hydrate Factory (HF-SP-47) Bottle

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    100% BPA Free, AirTight Twist Cap- The HF-SP-47 Hydrate Bottle has an airtight twist cap to ensure that your bottle is fully leak-proof. In addition, it is made of 100% BPA proof plastic which is safer than most water bottles in the market. Wide Mouth- The HF-SP-47 bottle also has a 2.25-inch-wide mouth. This enables

Why you Need to Drink Water During Physical Exercise

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More than half of an adult’s human body is basically water. This water has a wide array of functions and literally keeps our bodies in balance. The water’s functions range from lubricating joints, keeping the body temperature steady, acting as a medium of moving nutrients, removing wastes from the body, eliminating the effects of dehydration

Why Clients Love our Stainless-Steel Cola Bottles

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When we launched the stainless-steel cola bottles, customers instantly fell in love with it. It had taken time for the bottle to be designed, tested, certified, and launched However, it was all worth it. Customers from all over the world joined and sought to order them. We tried to compile reasons why this bottle is

Choosing Between a Water Bottle and Water Dispenser Cups

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I have at times heard people ask this; “Why should I carry a bottle of water whereas I can drink from the dispenser using the plastic beside it?”   Well, to be honest, there is nothing wrong with taking water from the dispenser. On the other hand, there are more benefits that come with using

The Perfect Gifts for Customers and Employees

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In this modern day and age, competition in the business-world stiffens every day. Local businesses compete with international brands and vice versa. In spite of all these, all businesses be they small or big, all struggle with the same challenge. The challenge of acquiring customers’ loyalty. In addition, these businesses strive to remain relevant as

 Three Unique Marketing and Advertisement Strategies

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 Three Unique Marketing and Advertisement Strategies In almost every industry, there are several brands which seek to get the largest market share. This compels competitors to adopt strategies which would help them outdo their competitors. In order to win this war of profits, it is important for businesses and marketers to adopt strategies which would

Improve the Taste of Your Water

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Do you wish that there was something that could motivate you to drink more water?   As human beings, we often understand the importance of drinking water. However, due to its tasteless nature, we tend to drink it only when we are thirsty or substitute it all together. As a result, our bodies suffer from

7 Tips on How to Drink More Water

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Drinking water has numerous health benefits to nearly all living beings. In human beings, water forms a significant portion of the blood and is therefore important in transporting nutrients and blood cells to various body parts. In addition, it also transports wastes away from our bodies in form of sweat and urine. By transporting metabolic

Easy Tips on How to Stay Fit

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  There are several quick-fix solutions out there in the world on how to stay fit. When it comes to health and fitness, there are several manufacturers of tablets and slimming devices. However, in most cases, these solutions are just fixes and not cures to the underlying problems. Just like success, getting a good shape

What you Need to Know about Dehydration

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  Do you at times feel bored, tired, and overwhelmed by a sense of general body weakness? Even after taking a rest, do these feelings still persist? Well, if you do, you are not alone in this. Many people think that it is normal having these feelings and after a certain amount of time, the