Basics of Material, Working & Handling of your Hydro Flask

//Basics of Material, Working & Handling of your Hydro Flask

Know How of Hydro Flask Material & Working

Hydro flask is the most common and popular choice to carry your drink for longer duration. The growing demand and usage of Hydro Flask is due to its ability to retain temperature for a longer duration and health benefits over plastics.

What Is Hydro Flask?

Hydro Flask is a common and popular drinkware to hold liquid at a particular temperature for a longer duration of time. Thermos flask is an excellent ability to hold temperature, taste, and delivers hours of refreshment anytime, anywhere.

Unlike any plastic bottle or single wall stainless steel bottles, Hydro Flask helps to keep our beverages of choice at our own preferred temperature for hours depending on the choice made (hot, cold or at room temperature).

The Hydro Flask is a vacuum insulated container made with food-grade stainless steel in two walls. This double wall is known as Temp Shield that helps to maintain the temperature of the liquid present in the bottle. To avoid the problem of keeping the barrier from the outside world and inside beverage screw, on-off cap seals are fixed tightly on the top.


The Vacuum bottle was first designed and invented by Scottish Scientist Sir James Dewar in 1892 as a result of his research done in the stream of cryogenics. Thus, it is sometimes termed as Dewar flask in his honor.

He made a brass chamber that was enclosed in another chamber to maintain the palladium at its desired temperature. He evacuated the air between the two chambers by creating a partial vacuum to keep the temperature stable.

It became a significant tool for chemical experiments and also become a common household item with time. Later this flask was developed using glass and aluminum. Eventually with time and continuous innovations Hydro Flask covered huge market in the bottle industry.

What is Hydro Flask made up of?

These insulated water bottles are made of high quality food grade 18/8 stainless steel with no liner (like aluminum bottles usually have) and are also BPA free.

The vacuum flask consists of two vessels, one placed within another and then joined at the neck. The gap between the both the flask is partially evacuated by air, thus creating a partial vacuum that reduces heat conduction or convention. To minimize heat transfer silvering is done on the surface of the flask that is facing the gap.

These thermos flasks are made of metal, borosiilicate glass, foam or plastic along with cork of polyethylene plastic to close their opening

Several improvements have been made in this vacuum flask like vapor-cooled radiation shield and the vapor-cooled neck that help to reduce evaporation from the flask.

Inside the vacuum flask

  • Screw on the stopper
  • Outer plastic or stainless steel case
  • Outer layer of glass coated with reflective material (or the stainless steel in the unbreakable containers)
  • Vacuum
  • Inner layer of gas
  • One or more inner support to keep vacuum flask in place
  • Additional insulation to reduce heat loss and cushion flask against impacts.

How does Hydro Flask work?

Before we understand how these flasks work, it is important to understand how heat travels. Heat is a kind of energy that travels in three different ways – conduction, convection, and radiation.

Heat conduction takes place only when things are touched, convection, on the other hand, can take place without any direct contact and radiation is slightly different from these two. Radiation works on the principle of light produced from objects when they are hot.

A thermos does not allow heat transfer by any of the three ways in which heat can travel (radiation, convection, and conduction). The silver coating present on the inner bottle prevents heat transfer caused by radiation. The vacuum between the double walls of the bottle prevents movement of heat through convection and the thinness of the glass walls of the flask prevent heat to enter or leave through conduction.

The outer case of the flask helps in providing the additional insulation.

Hydro Flask Features

Excellent Performance: Hot drinks hot, cold drinks cold

These water bottles are expected to do a really good job by keeping drinks cold or hot as required. The Hydro Flask water bottles have the capacity to maintain ice cubes for at least 24 hours in the bottle and it is not just that once the ice is gone doesn’t mean the drink immediately turns warm. One can still have many hours of chilled water.

On the other hand, is also efficient at keeping hot drinks hot. These bottles have the capacity of twelve hours for hot drinks outdoors in the winter. Then within six hours hot to warm and after that warm to lukewarm.

No change or weird taste

Usually, water bottles compromise while choosing a material. The choice made by the manufacturers often become lightweight and durable but with a unique taste, either metallic or plastic.

The thermos flasks food grade stainless steel has no taste or scent in them. Thus, results in all great benefits derived from drinking water from these containers with no drawbacks. Additional benefit is that they are BPA and phthalate free which protect us from any kind of heath damage.

Easy to clean

They are extremely easy to clean primarily due to their wide mouth. The inside body of the flask is easy to rinse out, or even the mouth and inside body of the bottle can be swiped through a brush.

It is suggested to use some white distilled vinegar that helps remove potential stains or discolorations of the container. Even baking soda can also be used for extra cleaning.

Easy to take a sip

The continuous innovations being carried out in the designing of the bottle has added one more feature of a sturdy lid with a nice loop on the top that adds the benefit of an easy sip.

The standard mouth both wide and slim requires twist off to take a sip from the bottle that is slightly inconvenient, but also important to create the perfect seal to keep the drink cold.


Like any other metal water bottle, Hydro Flask can also be dented or paint on the bottle can chip, especially if they are being carried on rugged adventures. But still, this doesn’t at all damage its performance.

The thermos vacuum bottles if dropped can give good resistance to dents and chips. The 18/8 Pro grade stainless steel constructed bottles are too tough to be damaged even after rough usage.


Thought this isn’t the lightest water bottle out there but still these bottles have done seemingly everything possible to ensure that this water bottle’s weight doesn’t disappoint the customers.

To provide ease of convenience to their users these bottles try to maintain a lightweight body of the bottles without any deterioration in their quality or functioning.

No Condensation

This a kind of extra benefit that is really appreciated. The bottles do not sweat that means there is no soggy puddle when it’s in the carry bag and even no moisture to the touch.

Thus, they are not required to be wrapped in towels or covers like other bottles to avoid extra cold moisture on the surface of the bottles. They still provide with refreshing cold water without any kind of condensation on the outer body of the bottle.

Color Choices

With time and continuous innovations in the choice of colors, designs, shapes, prints, and patterns are being made to make these bottles more attractive and popular in all age sections of the market.

Nowadays unlike traditional black, white and cream, these bottles come in a variety of light and dark shades like blue, green, yellow or recognized as shades of mango, lime or mint etc.

Variety in Hydro flask Products

Other than traditional thermos bottles, now day’s variety of Hydra Flask products are being manufactured according to the usage demand. These other Hydro flask containers include:


The Hydro Flask tumblers are available in different sizes offering great qualities of water bottles. The tempshield two walled stainless steel of the tumblers insulate well due to the presence of the vacuum.

The tumblers have narrow designs that make them easy to hold and fit in most of the cup holders. They are available in a number of colors and help to keep the drink cold for 24 hours and hot for 6 hours.

Coffee Flasks

These coffee flasks are also available in different sizes. These can be a perfect replacement for disposable and these cups can be avoided. In these coffee flasks, the cold brew can stay cold for 24 hours and hot coffee can stay hot till six hours or maybe even longer in mild temperatures.

The top flip lid allows easy sipping of coffee from the flask and you do not require unscrewing the cap every time before taking a sip of coffee.

Wine & Beer Tumblers

Thermos flasks do cover water and coffee beverages, but now they even cover adult drinks. They are now manufacturing growlers, wine bottles, tumblers and pints in various sizes and shapes that are perfect for a camping trip, a visit to your friends’ house, a backyard picnic or a backpacking trip.

They are available in various colors and sizes with the screw off top connected by the side loop to keep them attached. Wine tumblers are shaped differently than any other softer looking tumbler that keeps the drinks at just the right temperature.

Food Flasks

Insulated flasks now also offer food containers in different sizes and designs. These containers are made of same high-quality stainless steel and double walled vacuum seal.

They are amazing for keeping soups piping hot, or for keeping smoothies ice cold in the summers. As these containers are made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel they do not retain scent or flavors of the food. The lid in this flask is super sealant as there are no straws or plastic on this cap which helps to maintain a temperature of the food (extra warm or cold).

Hydro Flask Product – Sizes

Product USP Sizes (In Ounces)
Bottles Everyday favorite & user-friendly 12 – 64
Tumblers Cup holder Friendly 22 – 32
Coffee Flask Keeps it hot & fresh. Available in coffee shop sizes. 12, 16, 20
Beer Flask Tap to a trailhead, easy to carry for any adventure. 12,32,64
Wine Flask Celebrate anywhere 10,25
Food container Always keeps it fresh 12,18

Why clean your Hydro Flask?

It is very important to keep your Hydro Flask bottle clean due to following reasons:

Hygiene – Constant exposure to saliva and food contamination can make the thermos flask prone to bacteria and fungi accumulation. It is always exposed to a number of germs thus to ensure good health regular cleaning of the bottle is very important.

Odor – Filling your flask continuously with drinks can leave an unpleasant smell. Thus specific cleaning agents are required to remove the odor from the bottle.

Discoloration – Filling of the container with colored drinks like juices and coffee can lead to discoloration if not cleaned regularly.

How to clean a Hydro Flask?

The number of methods and cleaning agents can be used to keep your Thermos Flask clean. These methods include:

Washing with dish soap

  • Disassemble the Flask to clean it.
  • Wash the pieces of the flask separately with hot, soapy water.
  • Rinse all of your Thermos Flask container pieces thoroughly.
  • Use a dishwasher to wash a flip lid or a wide straw lid.
  • Completely air-dry all the pieces of the flask.

Using Vinegar to remove bacteria

  • Pour half cup of vinegar in the flask.
  • Use a bottle brush to scrub hard all the corners of the bottle.
  • Rinse the container with warm water.
  • Air-dry the flask upside down.

Remove tough stains with baking soda

  • Mix 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda with warm water and form a paste.
  • Scrub inside the flask with the paste
  • Rinse the flask thoroughly with warm water.
  • Dry the flask allowing it upside down.

Is hydro flask dishwasher safe?

The answer to this query can be yes and no. But, mostly no as these bottles are not dishwasher safe.

One should never put Hydro flask bottle or even the food flask in the dishwasher as the hot water from the dishwasher cycle can damage the vacuum seal insulation. It can also cause unwanted discoloration of the outside coating of the flask.

However, flip lid or straw lid can be put on the top shelf of the washer. But still, do not put the flex cap, standard cap, and sports cap or tumbler lid in the dishwasher.

Do’s and Don’ts in Maintaining Hydro Flasks

*You should* follow these essentials to maintain your Thermos bottles:

  • Do hand wash all the parts of the flask even if they are dishwasher safe. It will increase the life of the container.
  • Allow the newly washed bottle to completely air-dry upside down completely with its cap removed.
  • Do use a bottle brush for effective cleaning of the bottle corners.

*You should not* do these things to maintain your Thermos bottles:

  • Do not use chlorine and bleach as cleaning agents for the container as harsh chemicals can damage the stainless steel.
  • Avoid exposure of your flask to any kind of heat source.
  • Don’t put the bottle in the freezer as freezer would not be effective in cooling due to double insulation.
  • Do not soak the exterior parts of the bottle in hot water, can lead to damage.

Avoid cleaning in dishwasher

Hydro Flask BPA Free?

These forms of bottles are free of BPA, which is kind of a chemical that has been used for years to harden plastics. This chemical, however, is harmful to human health due to a number of reasons. BPA is a kind of endocrine inhibitor that interferes with the production, secretion, transportation, and functioning of the human body hormones. The researchers believe that this chemical contributes to reproductive disorders among women, male impotence, heart disease, and diabetes and contributes to memory loss and brain functioning.

Thus, these bottles are typically free from BPA chemicals and therefore have been declared safe by the FDA. The human body is therefore protected from the high levels of BPA that would otherwise be found in plastic bottles.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydro Flask

The thermos vacuum insulated bottles offer a number of usage advantages including:

  • They are amazingly effective at holding temperatures.
  • They can be given elegant design and shape.
  • Do not hold odors like plastic bottles.
  • Offer ease of cleaning (unlike the aluminum bottles).
  • These flask containers are dishwasher safe.
  • The double walls of the bottle do not allow condensation and they also do not puddle or make any water rings.
  • No BPAs available.

There are certain drawbacks also associated with the usage of these thermos flasks including:

  • Expensive as compared to other water bottles.
  • The screw on cap functions well but offers a certain level of inconvenience.
  • The 40 oz size of these bottles becomes inconvenient to carry and do not fit in any cup holders.
  • As these bottles are opaque they offer some difficulty while filling from a refrigerator or water dispenser.
  • They are little heavier than ordinary plastic bottles

Hydro Flask – Deals & Gift cards

With the growing e-commerce market now days even the thermos flask manufacturers are offering their products on the web portals along with attractive deals and huge discounts.

Some of the most prominent deals available on the sale of these bottles include black Friday deals. Series of gift guides are available on different forms and sizes of the hydro flask in black Friday deals. There are even deals such as you can get 25% off for the cyber weeks and others.

Hydate Factory offers good OEM & Branding deals for the holiday seasons.

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